DIN 6888 Woodruff keys

DIN 6888 Woodruff keys

Код: 6888

DIN 6888 Splines – segmental, ISO 3912:77

The segment key is used for better and reliable fastening of parts in low loaded areas of the shaft.

A deep groove in the shaft, matching the size of the keyway, is required to mount it, which reduces the cross-section and therefore the strength of the shaft or workpiece.

In this case, the deeper positioning of the key provides better reliability and stability of the joint compared to others,

most commonly used, prismatic keyways.

Therefore, the dimensions and recommendations of the standard must be observed when selecting,

so as not to distort the relationship between the shaft diameter and the cross section of the selected key size.

The segment key is used on cylindrical shafts or cylindrical shaft sections to transfer the torque from the shaft to the bushing.

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